Unsurprising consequences

Posted on Wed 23 April 2003 in general

Just got back from the Omega
LRP weekend. It was a good weekend from a role play point of view (my
character Perivale does not get involved with political machinations,
he's an Artificer so generally concentrates on making sure nothing
interrupts him when he's designing cool stuff).One interesting aspect of the weekend was the continuing influence of
Open Source philosophy in the
in-game world. Of course the main rationale to the characters involved
is not having to constantly re-invent the wheel designing yet another
set of tool plans and do more interesting things (like my current
favorite "The Wartinator", a pump).
Of course despite mentioning that Perivale was an easier character to
play (is so far he doesn't run around in armour hitting things) I
didn't factor in the effects that constant drinking of real-ale, an
almost entirely meat based diet and very cold winds have on the immune
system. I came down with a nasty shivery cold as soon as I got back on
Monday and had to take yesterday off work. I feel better now but I
hope I'm back on form by the weekend which I may have to take a little
easier than the last two :-)