Here's to peace and quite.....

Posted on Mon 28 April 2003 by alex in general

...until the next time. Had an excellent BBQ/Party/House Re-warming. I
actually quite like throwing parties but its a lot of effort,
something I'm sure Anne and Glyn agree with me on.Despite the previous weeks preparation and the dire weather forecast it
all went of pretty well. We managed to get to around 16:20 before
the rain even had an impact of the BBQ (which is good going in
Manchester) and thanks to the backup plan (a large Gazebo) we where
cooking stuff until around 21:00. Thanks to the cold that I'm fighting
off I collapsed in bed by 03:30 (to be fair so had a number of people)
but a few of the harder core people where up until around 6. A very
long (but enjoyable) day. It was good to see a mix of people, I think
I had spoken/caught up with everybody by the end of the evening,
apologies If I missed anyone out. In other news, well there wasn't
any really it all been party, party. party! Until next time :-)