Ain't democracy great?

Posted on Fri 02 May 2003 in general

I guess I'm still interested in the political process as I did actually
vote in yesterdays council elections. I even spent far too much of the
early morning watching the results come in on TV.My cynical side does occasionally make me wonder if our right
to vote actually gives us a real choice. My borough actually had a
reasonably high turnout (around 53%, pretty good for a council
election) but the radio is full of discussion about how people a
disillusioned by the whole process and this is the reason for falling
voter turnout. Now every election I've ever stood for I've always had
a guy called R.O.N. to beat. This does at least focus your attention
on having a platform people can semi-agree with before they vote for
you, perhaps having R.O.N. stand in the real elections would do the
same for our politicians?