Pink + WON != GOOD

Posted on Tue 06 May 2003 by alex in general

Got back from a 4 day LARP weekend yesterday having finally shaken the
cold and gained a rather horse voice from playing that classic
drinking game "Waaa, Oink Naahhh". I don't think I embarrassed
myself as a result but I'm certainly making a mental note never to
drink "Pink" again.If fact I wouldn't be surprised if a number of people will be making
similar mental notes ;-) On a more geeky note I need to take this
web-server down at some point to upgrade it to a slightly less flaky
hardware (after all I had to reboot this one 26 days ago when it
locked up). I'll also give it a bit of a boost in memory and disk space which should
help (although it performs well enough at the moment).