Worm Food?

Posted on Thu 15 May 2003 in general

My worms are finally
established! Considering the number of computers that run 24x7 in my
house I have to do something positive for the environment to assuage my
guilt. I'm still consuming more than my fair share of the planets
resources :-(The worm composter is a fantastic example of low-tech helping reduce
the rubbish I (indirectly) throw into land fills. It may seem strange for a tech fiend like my self to find
the process so fascinating but one thing engineering teaches you is
never go for a complex solution when a simple one will do. It makes a
real difference to the kitchen bin as well, about the only thing left
to sort out is food packaging (sorted by eating more freshly prepared
food) and plastic bottles (which I'm sure are recyclable I just need a
bit more space). So what have you done to href=http://www.rethinkrubbish.com>rethink your rubbish today?

p.s. Always question the news you see in wartime (or generally).