Fun fun fun in the sun sun sun!

Posted on Mon 16 June 2003 in general

Not all geeks spend all their time locked in dark corners. I must
admit since my desktop machine went south on me a few weeks ago I've
been taking the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful weather. I'm afraid
even a true (50%+) geek like me hasn't found it hard to choose between
slaving over a hot motherboard or sitting in my nice sunny garden
enjoying a very cold beer :-)Still I have done some things. The observant will notice that the
webserver has changed. I've finally transfered the web-services over
to Jack, yet another machine in the pantheon of servers running
in my house. Seeing as Jack has over 5x more memory than the ailing
(and slightly infirm Zheer) he will probably take over the rest
of the mail/dns etc functions over the next few weeks.