I am finally clean

Posted on Wed 02 July 2003 in general

Phew, what a weekend. I got back from the Glastonbury festival on
Monday which was the culmination of this years holiday (aka Alex's
Magical Mystery Tour).
While it was good to see my folks again and visit some friends that
have emigrated down south it was Glastonbury that made the greatest
impression.I'll start by saying I'll be going again :-)
We where lucky with the weather. We got to site on the Wednesday to
set up the camp for the rest of the party. It was fantastic sunny
weather for the first two days, something we didn't always appreciate
as we carried stuff from the cars. Come Friday (the start of the
festival proper) we had rain and I despaired that the traditional
British weekend weather was going to catch up with us. Luckily the
weather cleared up and we didn't really get any real rain until Sunday
night (just after the final Moby set).
The music was great. Although I'd gone through the massive set list
and made a list of all the bands I wanted to see I never kept to the
schedule. It was far more fun (and relaxing) to wonder around and
listen to stuff as you found it. You get to discover bands you haven't
heard of and enjoy new music that way. I'm certainly going to be
looking up some of the new bands I came across.
It wasn't all new music though. I saw both REM and Moby on the main
Pyramid stage. Needless to say they were great acts, especially
enjoying them in the massive field that the stage sits in.
In fact Glastonbury is more than just a load of bands. There where all
sorts of other things going on from massages in the Healing Fields to
Second Hand Jokes company :-)

Yes, I'll defiantly be going again!