RIP Zheer

Posted on Wed 09 July 2003 in general

It was a sad day yesterday as I turned off href=>Zheer
for the last time. Trustworthy to the end I was just a little
concerned by the rattling noises he had been making over the
last few months as well as a series of lock-ups when we had
particularly hot weather last month.Its not all bad, mainly because I never throw things away, bits of
him will live on transplanted into Jack. Jacks not that much more
powerful than Zheer was but he does have a load more memory and masses
of hard disk space. Hopefully he'll manage to survive the next 10
In other news the Free-X group have found a
` software only <>`__ exploit for the XBox. Now I'm the sort of geek that
doesn't buy hardware that artificially locks you out of doing
interesting things with it (which is why I haven't succumbed to Sky
Plus yet, I don't like the idea of owning a piece of hardware that
can change its behavior without *your* say so). However the XBox is
not a bad piece of hardware and its cheap (thanks to the big
Microsoft subsidy). Now the possibility exists of running my own
software on it its actually quite tempting to buy one. We shall see