Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

Posted on Wed 16 July 2003 in general

Its not often you see the road melt before your very eyes in
Manchester. And no its not because of any hallucinogens, its the 31
degree weather in a city that more used to grey sky's and plenty of
rain.Not that I'm complaining. The last time I remember a summer this
good was when I was doing my finals at Uni, and that was some time
ago (it all seems a distant memory now :-).
Of course all this sun is distracting me from noble tasks such as
going to the Gym or catching up on my paperwork. After all you should
really "make hay while the sun shines". It also means the household
is currently working its way through large amount of cold beer and
ice-cream. Still what's the point of all this hard work if you don't
indulge yourself once in a while. About the only negative side effect
is I probably won't be quite as buff for the annual
Sea Elf Special, but hey I'm still going to enjoy it!