Legal Extortion....

Posted on Thu 24 July 2003 in general

One of the stories I've been following the last few weeks has been
that of the SCO vs href=>IBM href=>lawsuit
in which SCO claim that Linux makes uses of their intellectual property (IP). The story has
generated plenty of online press coverage but few hard facts.Opinions vary wildly from it being yet another piece of baseless href=>FUD to the end of
Linux as a competitive OS. It took a twist yesterday when SCO announced
their Linux licensing plan and their intention to sell licenses to
anyone running Linux. The amazing thing about all of this is so far
they have offered no substantive, verifiable proof that they
have any rights to sell such a license. Basically SCO are saying pay us money to run
Linux because we say so.
Back to the facts of the case. As far as I can tell their are only two
solid facts that everyone can agree on:
  • SCO Stock Price has href=>gone up
  • SCO Executives have been href=>selling their options
For more information and links (if this sort of thing gets you
excited) you can always check out the special href=>SCO vs IBM