Cheap PR?

Posted on Wed 24 September 2003 in general

So I've been back in the UK a few days now and I'm slowly starting to
get my sleep back on track thanks to the jet-lag. Despite planning to
write my thoughts on why RIAA et all just don't get file-swapping (as
well as SCO's we didn't do nothing bid) I fire up BBC to find the todays href=>top story
is that Microsoft has decided to remove its free Chat services in the
interests of "child safety". Now I've mentioned this subject ` <>`__ >before and obviously no one took notice (not that anyone reads
this stuff anyway :-) ). I'll not repeat myself for why this sort of
approach will have no effect at all. What I am curious about is that
in a world of Iraq,The Hutton Inquiry, and numerous other news worthy items how this
became the lead article.
It seems to me its not only governments that are guilty of spin, the
telling quote in the news article was:
"It means no free, unmoderated chat-rooms will exist anymore on any of MSN's global network of sites."

And I think the real motives are that Microsoft are pulling an
unprofitable, potentially legally liable service from their network
at the same time getting a PR coup for their "responsible" action.