The Sistene chapel has nothing on Artex :-)

Posted on Wed 08 October 2003 by alex in general

Well back from another relaxing weekend visiting friends in the
country. Its weekends like that that make me wonder why I live in
Manchester given I'm a country boy at heart. I think it comes down to
broadband availability......and of course all the friends I have up here :-)
A few people have mentioned they are waiting for my post New Orleans
visit report. I've been quite slow getting around to it mainly because
I haven't actually downloaded the pictures yet. And of course it was a
business trip so most of the week I was looking unusually smart standing in our
10x10 booth at href=http://w>ASIS.
However I do have a few recommendations should you find yourself in
the Big Easy:
  • Visit Yo Mama's Bar and Grill for huge burgers (with pizza topping!) and friendly staff
  • You must visit href=>Bourbon Street, its the main drag for the carnival and is full of shops, bars and clubs.
  • Don't get too distracted though, there are loads of interesting shops around the side streets
I'll try and pull my finger out and get the pics up in the next couple
of days.