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Posted on Thu 16 October 2003 by alex in general

The SCO group seem to of been quite quiet of late, save href=>backing down on
their invoice threat. Although their stock price is still (currently) quite
healthy some of their big investors have been href=>selling
all their stock. href=>This
piece points out that SCO may be a good investment if you can
tolerate the risk that your investment may turn to a big fat zero.When the SCO case first started I like many other geek types was quite
shocked about the accusations being made about how Linux would be
nothing without the illegally copied code from Unix. While angering
the legions of geeks and pumping their stock price with a series press
releases the SCO case looked as though it would be the first serious
legal challenge to Linux that everyone knew would happen some time.
One of the reasons I'm less worried about it these days is due to
Pamela Jones's excellent Groklaw site.
Originally "just" a paralegal's personal blog it now serves as
the place to find informed, well researched, revealing
information on the twists and turns of the SCO case. The more I
read, the less I worry. Of course their are no guarantees when it
comes to the legal process but even given my complete lack of
understanding of how the US legal system works everything I've seen
seems to point at SCO not realising what they have stepped on. IBM et all have an army of
well motivated people (on top of their own well renowned lawyers)
looking at everything SCO says and subjecting it to forensic
analysis. To mangle Linus's Law "given enough eyeballs, all lies will be exposed".
While on the subject of Linus, href=>Wired
has done a pretty good write up on our beloved leader ;-) Although some
of the more complex issues (like the good old GNU/Linux naming debate)
are skipped over I'd recommend any of my non-techie friends reading it
if they want a bit more background to why I'm a big Linux fan.
In other news: It seems my desire for a direct neural interface may
not be that far