Weblogs, what are they good for?

Posted on Mon 03 November 2003 in general

I finally created a href=http://www.livejournal.com/users/stsquad/>Live Journal
account after Jo sent me a free code. Of course as I'm not entirely
sure why I write this stuff given that my ramblings on Linux, open
source, and 'net freedoms are probably exceptionally boring to anyone
but the most hardcore geek.However, how would I know? The href=http://www.kyne.com.au/~mark/software/weblog.php>software I
use appeals to my sense of neatness and fitness for purpose. It works,
blends in with my content(!) over style web site and is simple to
administer. However it does miss out on a comment feature which would
allow feedback so people could actually tell me how boring they find
the site :-)
So, because I currently lack the motivation to write a comment system
people can always visit my live journal page and post there. Of course
why people don't just mail me when
they want to comment on the blog is beyond me :-)
Oh, and additionally if you have a Live Journal account and want my entries listed on your friends page
for easy browsing you can add the RSS feed using href=http://www.bennee.com/~alex/news.php?wl_mode=rss>this link.