Posted on Wed 05 November 2003 in general

The last blog word on actual blogging otherwise I'll have to call this
a meta-blog :-). This blog is now mirrored by the miracle of RSS to href=>this
LiveJournal account. So people can add the feed to their live journal
account and comment on it as they wish. End of Subject
Now two stories have caught my eye today,
interesting development.The first story is yet another example of business having gotten over its
irrational fear on Linux and realizing they can work with these Free
Software hippie types.
The second story is a good follow-up on something I
Australia as a nation seems to have a more positive attitude to
open-source in general. For example a lot of the development of
Samba, the free
windows networking replacement comes from Oz. But as far as electronic
election systems go they have taken a very open approach that is
refreshing compared to the Diebold debacle. I still have concerns
about e-voting (like the lack of a paper trail) but at the very
minimum it has to be an open system.

Next time, why Taco's are easy and cling-film is great!