Themetastic Batman

Posted on Fri 07 November 2003 in general

As I prepare for YAP (Yet Another Party) tomorrow I caught myself
thinking ahead to New Years. It seems to of ended up my turn again
(unless someone else would like people running around their house
until the wee small hours?). In the past the parties have been themed
so I was thinking about what theme I should have this year. Themed
parties we have had in the last view years have included:
  • Fall of the Roman Empire
  • Fantasy and Faerie Tales
  • Trios and Trilogies
  • Seventies
  • Caribbean
I was thinking of Disco for this year as it offers a lot of scope for
outrageous kit. However several people have pointed out we've had 70's
and Disco would be quite similar (I'm not sure thats a convincing
argument). So a question open to the floor, what theme do you suggest?