Bad Hair Day

Posted on Tue 11 November 2003 in general

The day started badly when I was rebuilding my laptop this morning and
everything seemed to hang. A quick bit of poking around seemed to
indicate that my cable modem, although flashing, wasn't talking to the
outside world. This is never an auspicious start to the day. Luckily
by the time I'd got into work everything seemed to back up and running
again so I ain't going 'net cold turkey yet :-)Got through the fireworks party without loosing any major limbs.
Seemed to go well although I have no idea how many people where
squeezed into the house. For some reason a group of people had decided
the kitchen wasn't cool enough for them so they crowded into the
little square of carpet between my kitchen and rear bathroom where the
spare freezer/re-cycling bay is. Odd.
Sunday was a very chilled out affair as after the rugby we spent most
of the day playing Soul Caliber II with Chris P, Phil, Karen and
Glyn. I ended up with a minor case of PS2 thumb at the end of it.
Actually quite surprised at my winning streak once I'd got the hang of
Rap heal (the pirate type dude, natch). I finished off the evening
watching Human Traffic
with Jo who
popped around in the evening.

All I need to do now is make it until Thursday when I'm seeing href=>Meatloaf :-)