Posted on Mon 17 November 2003 in general

Had an entertaining weekend LARP'ing.
Although it was a relatively quite weekend I had a great time on Fart
and Chads Wamphryi dungeon. I thought they did an excellent job in
balancing the dungeon making it hard enough to be stretching whilst
not so silly its impossible. Its a hard task to master and I think
they did a fine job. Having said that after 9 hours in my chain mail
running around I managed one beer in the evening before sleeping
straight through to the morning :-)
The early start on Sunday did have some benefits. I managed to do my
cleaning and get packed up before 10. With the early start I got back
in time "do lunch" with href=http://www.livejournal.com/users/anne_l_davies/>Anne before
she headed back to London. I'm sure my stomach has shrunk, because
apparently I can't eat a 12oz Steak without feeling bloated anymore.
In a fit of activity completely out of tune with a post-SOS Sunday I
even got new tyres fitted to my car (finally!), did some hovering,
two loads of washing and still had time to visit Sam and Sheila in the
evening. Missed the last installment of the "Theory of Everything" on
channel 4 however. I hope they repeat it at some point.