The Weekend

Posted on Mon 01 December 2003 by alex in general

I've been bad (in a good sort of way). Friday I completely skipped on the Gym session and ended up going down to Knutsford for a very nice Spanish meal. Saw Jo and Sue which was nice as I don't see them that often (both LRP widows in their own ways ;-) ). Possibly drank more red wine than I technically should of, but it is coming up to Christmas so I'll let myself slide for a bit.

Saturday I was working (a little late in due to aforementioned wine). It was a little frustrating beating the hardware into submission but we made some progress. In the evening I went out to Tiger, Tiger (a "super club") which Chris. I may expand on that more later.

Sunday was a very relaxed affair. Went for a "walk" with some other friends around Sale Water Park which seemed to arrive at the pub very quickly. After a pub lunch, and a few more beers we ended up at Sam & Sheila's to watch my copy of the href=>Extended
Two Towers DVD. Lee cringed at a few bits (the slightly altered Tom Bombadil reference) but otherwise kept his cool which was a surprise given his previous objections to the two films so far. Finished reading "Misspent Youth" before sleeping straight through to 8.40 this morning. All in all a good weekend.