Tis the Season..

Posted on Wed 03 December 2003 by alex in general

I've had it, I've snapped. I am going to get a new(er) car. I feel slightly guilty about it though. My current car ("Delbert") works, it goes well, has good economy, decent stereo, zips up and down the M62 fast enough. I'm not big on conspicuous consumption, anyway you slice it a new car does increase your environmental impact.

However over the last half year the niggly things are starting to mount up. The power steering is a bit iffy, the rides is not quite as smooth as it could be and last night I managed to break the headlight switch. It is time to make the change.

Of course this opens up a whole new world of choices. Do I go for the sensible family estate (not that I have a family, but I have a lot of LARP kit) or the boy racer car (not that I am a boy racer, I like to think I'm a good driver)? The one thing I probably have decided is to go for another VW. My family have always had VW's*. They work, they are reliable. Although the cost a bit more to service they generally don't need too many things doing at once. So, Saturday I'll be mostly buying a new car....

*true-ish, my parents latest car is a quite nice Seat Leon, but they are owned by VW to it almost counts :-)