5 Days to Go....

Posted on Mon 08 December 2003 in general

The hit on my bank account has yet to be realised but its coming.....;-)

Yesterday did have a morning constitutional, although it was more like lunchtime. However I feel the at least 5 mile walk more than made up for the 3 pints of real-ale and full Sunday Roast I had in the pub afterwards. After all what is the point working up an appetite if you ain't going to sate it?

Finished off the day finishing Blade II with (Mad) Sam on the old PS2. Slightly disappointing finale, basically it was a "hack your way through to the 3 destroy-able nodes" and we'll cue the credits. I was expecting more dramatic explosions and cinematic sequences. Still done now so I can decide the next game I'm going to complete (or buy the latest Medal of Honor on a whim). We filled in the remaining gap in the day by watching a few of the appendices of the LOTR: The Two Towers. Still a good 3+ hours of stuff to get through!

All in all I feel as though I have achieved a lot this weekend. And thats an achievement for me :-)