Oh Lord won't you buy me a....

Posted on Mon 15 December 2003 in general

The garage have been doing their best to evaporate the good will towards all men (and women) I was feeling after a most relaxing weekend. Still I will have the car by the end of the week, in time to drive it down to my parents for Christmas. If I don't I'm going to have to kill something :-(

I missed SoS this weekend (mainly due to work, and expecting to pick up a car.. grrr..). I was however mostly productive. Saw Andy for dinner at the Woodstock on Friday. Discussed many things other than my poor hit rate with women. We went back to his to see Sinbad which is rich in source material for Nook's Exalted
game. I particularly liked the portrayal of Eris (yes I know, she is just a cartoon character ;-)
After work on Saturday I went to href=http://www.rockkitchen.co.uk/home.html>Rock Kitchen with Jo and Arwel. Had an appropriate amount of fun and came to conclusion its still better the Rock World. For one thing I don't feel quite so old in the presence of students rather than the kids at Rock World. Next weekend is Wendyhouse for
which I shall make an effort getting kited out - no jeans and t-shirt this time.
Sunday saw a whole bunch of people for Jo's pubage birthday segment including some I hadn't seen for some time. I consumed some healthy protein based food (ok it was a
steak, but very nice although a little over-cooked). Returned home to sink into a content wap in front of the TV. Glyn proceeded to feed me Chicken wings again which where very nice (but I resisted the temptation to stuff myself after Saturdays experience). Did a bit of PS2 beta test stuff, killed some things and watched a bit more of the
Two Towers appendices. Slept.