Lawyers, the root of all evil?

Posted on Wed 17 December 2003 in general

I know I probably shouldn't keep posting stuff about SCO because to most people its a supreme irrelevance. However I did catch ` this article <>`__ talking about the folly of making 2/3rds of your business model based on litigation. He also mentions the cautionary tale of Walker Digital who where set-up as a patent and litigation company and are now, well not as successful as they planned to be.

SCO's star lawyer also made the news for facing ethics charges. I was kind of surprised to see ethics in the same sentence as lawyers - but hey what do I know :-) The interesting quote however was:

"Throughout the litigation, Habie and her attorneys have been sanctioned nine times by six different judges for violating at least 13 court orders related to the settlement and discovery orders."

So, slow on discovery eh? Something about leopard and spots may be relevant here.

And finally, its official - the cost of Christmas is going up. I should of so invested in swan futures ;-)