Pappas got a brand new car :-)

Posted on Fri 19 December 2003 in general

It only took two attempts to drain that last of my redundancy money out of my bank account. But finally after a bunch of faffing around and more pieces of paper than I care to mention I got the keys to my new car. So now have a better car than Lee again - thats another box ticked ;-)

Today is my last day in the office until the 5th Jan. The hedonism of Christmas is about to start which consists of a series of clubs, gigs, catchings up, parties, family doings and even a Tchaikovsky concert. I also need to some beta test stuff for SOCOM II on my PS2. I'm pretty sure holidays are meant to be restful times so I have left myself some "bucket" days - although I do need to see Return of the King at some point soon. Still all in all it should be a fun couple of

Oh and while we are at it, "The beaver is out of detox". :-)