Todays Lesson

Posted on Mon 22 December 2003 by alex in general

You can further with a kind word and a piece of mistletoe than just a kind word ;-)

So the first two days of holiday have been filled with the Wendyhouse and Meatloaf. I've put up the href=>pictures
from wendyhouse so you can see some of what I got up to. It was a good night and everyone seemed to be having fun. Hopefully I didn't offend anyone, although apparently I did get slapped once (I claim ignorance as my defense :-p ).
Went to Meatloaf on Sunday with Lee, Mufi, TJ, Marcus and Sue. He was good as always (although he's obviously still a little under the weather as he couldn't hit all the high notes)l. He's certainly an entertainer and got better as the evening went on and he warmed up his voice. We then headed back to Marcus and Sue's for a few after show drinks. Sleep finally caught up with me by 2 and I've slept like a log
until this morning.