Calm before the Storm

Posted on Sat 27 December 2003 in general

The concert last night was very good. It was the first time I've seen
a full orchestra in href=>Bridgewater Hall (in fact its been a long time since I saw a live orchestra). They even had fireworks which where cool :-) After we'd absorbed our culture for the night we headed back to mine to eat and comment on musicals and Darren Brown. Anyone fancy a bit of Strauss
on January the 4th?

Today has been a bit flat, I slept until around 10.30 and have so far achieved paying one bill and chatting to Sheila a bit. I'm going to attempt to gain a bit of virtuosity(?) by going to the gym before Ste's party tonight. For some reason I seem to of decided to follow that up with fresh air and exercise the next day. Time will tell if my plans are wise or silly.