Reality strikes

Posted on Mon 05 January 2004 in general

This morning was a bit of an effort. Despite going to bed early in preparation and jumping straight into the shower this morning after my alarm went off I was still late leaving the house. Still I work flexible(ish) hours so don't feel to bad for me :-)

Yesterday I went for a nice walk in the countryside. We had
an expanded crew of walkers including Sheila and Mikey and covered the relatively short walk in just under 2 hours before retiring to pubby goodness. I tried a really nice real-ale (it was a Hydes beer, forget the name) which had a chocolate malty taste and looked more like a stout. Note to self: next time someone else can drive :-) Everyone seemed to enjoy the exercise and we agreed to keep up the walking and try something a little stretching next time. The fact I have started to notice the taste of the local Manchester air is probably a sign that I should get out of the city more.

In the pub it transpired that Bacon still hadn't seen Return of the King on account of not having anyone to go with her to the cinema. A bunch of us valiantly volunteered to watch it with her that night. I thought the film was even better the second time around. This assessment may be due to being able to plan rest break better (hint: when the beacon of Minis Tirith is lit its all very pretty, however it also makes a convenient rest break :-). She grinned for most of the movie.

Only 12 days until my next holiday....