Every muscle in my body protests!

Posted on Mon 12 January 2004 in general

So following on from Gillian's bash on Friday night I struggled out of bed at some point on Saturday to head into town. I gave my credit card monkey a serious spanking getting bits and pieces for skiing next week. I also brought some more fiction, although I made an effort to avoid sci-fi/fantasy this time. I even brought one based on hearing about it on Radio 4. If I'm not careful I'll be joining reading circles next ;-)

After getting back from town I settled down for a bit of SOCOM II before Sam and Mike turned up in preparation for Sams birthday bash. Once we got to the pub and started drinking Speckled Hen I realised it was in fact the strongest ale there - for some reason I thought it was
the Directors. Having over budgeted on my alcohol for the night the rest of the night went very well. Much fun was had by all. Things happened including Andy apparently flirting with me (I didn't notice but the affor mentioned OSH may of accounted for that). I danced like a lunatic again (my style is unique, apparently Gillian has pictures from Friday) - although the floor was treacherously slippy. Eventually retired back to my place by about 3.30 remembering to set my alarm for 8.30 in the morning to get ready for the walk.
I struggled awake on Sunday morning for our now regular Sunday Constitutional. I was feeling slightly nostalgic for my old Sunday walks when me and Anne just did a circuit around the local park stopping halfway through for a cold beer and a smoke. Nowadays we walk *real* distance over hills and other such obstacles. It was a good hike that got the blood going and the weather was generally good although it is probably more correctly described as bracing. The
scenery however was great. We could see Jodrell Bank in the distance as we climbed up and down a bunch of hills. The promised pub at the end seemed to elude us so we went to the Eggerton Arms near Mufi's for our post walk lunch - this of course being an integral part of the walking experience. :-)

Finally returned home when the hordes descended. Played a couple of rounds of Munchkin and Munchkin Fu before everyone headed home. Got a chance to catch up with Lee afterwards where we bemoaned the fact our weeks had booked up very quickly, leaving me with little time to actually pack for the flight out. Phew...

I hope everyone else had a suitably rewarding weekend. I'm going to sleep now. Alex out. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz