Winter Wonderland

Posted on Sun 18 January 2004 in general

Got to Kitzbuhl last night and promptly started on the fine beer before colapsing into bed. Its a lovely place as its actually a town that has then developed into a Ski resort so it not like the souless french resorts. I have even spotted a nice kit shop which I may have to peruse later :-)

I had weird dreams last night of much falling when skiing, probably as I havn?t been skiing for over 10 years. As it happend I got my skis and headed over to the ski school hopeing to get a bit of practice in. I didn?t even get a chance to warm up before my first assement run to select which class I should go in. Luckily it seemed to come back to me and I managed to go through the whole morning without going ass over tit, which was nice even if a little unexpected. I only fell (or rather sat down in a I?m running out of space for this turn momeent) once in the afternoon although my technique is squite sloppy. The instructer keeps telling me to lean forward and bend the knees. All in all a good first day although my muscles are starting to complain at me. Hopefully it will get easier during the week.

I must get some photo?s when its clear. This place is beautiful. Hope everyone is ok, wish you where here, etc ;-)