I can see clearly now

Posted on Mon 19 January 2004 in general

Today has been fantastic weather which made up for the near zero visibility we had yesterday. I should of taken my camera with me but as I was only slightly hungover from the previous night I didn?t think about it in time. Hopefully we shall have a few more clear days and I can get some nice piccies.

The skiing has been getting easier although I still have loads of bad habits I need to break. The only two falls I?ve had so far have been more due to me not planning where I should be in 5 seconds time than any failure to stay on the skis. Our instructor took us down a black run today so I feel a real sense of accomplishment. It wasn?t the worlds hardest black as it was quite wide, it was however very steep ? the sort of ?don?t look down? steep. Things are still aching but hopefully I?m getting fitter as a result.

Last night I did a quick tour of the town. It has some very nice walkways which houses face onto. Everything is covered with a nice crisp layer of fresh snow. The whole thing just screams Winter Wonderland as you. I visited one of the bars which was hosting a Karaoke evening complete with some awful singing. I?d only intended to stop by for the one but met up with lads from Birmingham who brought me a drink so I was obligated to get a round in return. I spent a while chatting to some of the reps who where complaining about how hard their job was spending the whole season in this beautiful town and also being ski guides having to spend time skiing around the place. All they could do in the evening was drink and get slaughtered. I gave them no sympathy ;-) I also got introduced to the local foul spirit which is what I reckon tipped me over the edge. I eventually made it to bed by 2.30 in the morning. Tonight it?s the pub crawl. Lord save me from myself ;-)

Wish you where here, yadda yadda