Now you see it now you don?t

Posted on Tue 20 January 2004 in general

Got through the pub-crawl last night by application of my iron will and pacing myself. It was however complicated by having to drink a shot of a different local foul spirit as we entered each bar. Luckily I managed to make it to the start of the lesson although I?m defiantly having an early night tonight!

To make up for yesterdays clear skies we had about a load of new snow dumped during the night. It was snowing for most of the day although the visibility was better than Sunday. Now fresh powder snow is something that skiers always talk about. However it does have a few disadvantages. The first is your skis keep disappearing under the top layer so you just have to keep faith that they are still there doing their job. It does get a lot harder to turn when the skis are buried. The second disadvantage is the virgin snowfields don?t stay nice clear runs that long. As people do their turns they start leaving big piles of snow (known as moguls) dotted around the piste. If you miss-time your turns you end up going over these piles and it tends to throw you off balance. Its very hard work especially if your technique isn?t up to laser sharp turning accuracy. It was a hard days ski today although it seems my muscles are getting used to it as I?m no longer in agony every day. Despite this it always feels good to take the ski boots of at the end of the day (bit like chain mail really but for your feet ;-)

The instructor mentioned the possibility of doing the Ski Safari tomorrow. The Safari is a massive trek of around 35km?s worth of skiing. Should be fun (but tiring). Hopefully if the weather is clearer I can get some pictures to make you all jealous with :-p

Wish you where here ? and yes I mean it! Anyone up for skiing next year?