Who?s the Daddy?

Posted on Wed 21 January 2004 in general

I woke up today without a hangover which was novel experience on this holiday. The new experience was only slightly dented by the hasty trek across town for a slightly earlier start to ski school. It snowed again last night and was lightly snowing during the day again. The visibility was a little varied but the wind was icy cold. I believe it was around ?10 C. I thought the instructor was taking it easy with us given the easy blue runs we started on but it soon got more interesting. With the fresh snow we did several runs through virgin powder snow. After I cheated on the first one (by going in a straight line) I started to get the hang of it. My muscles didn?t complain as much as yesterday which either means my technique is getting better or they are just getting more used to the exercise.

Once I got back from the skiing I went on a brief excursion tobogganing. The course runs to about 1.8km so its quite a long run. It was fun mastering the advanced control system (stick out left or right leg to steer). I would of done a record time on my second run had I not been slowed down by the one in front of me. I may get the pictures up on the site if they are any good (and I don?t look a complete loon ;-)

Usual holiday greetings apply :-)