Posted on Thu 22 January 2004 in general

Well yesterday morning was obviously the exception that proved the rule. Last night I trekked down to the local with a few people I?d met to be greater by 2 Geordies with guitars and a sequencer. They played a selection of 80?s and 90?s tracks (from Ultravox to U2 to Robbie) and where actually quite good. They asked the audience for requests and they scored 50/50 on mine (they did a bit of Floyd?s Money, but dismissed the Happy Mondays as ?only for pill heads? ;-)

I skipped school today to go and explore the mountain and get some piccies as the weather had cleared up. I managed to lose my parents after about 30 seconds (?I?ll go and do some warm up runs round the corner drag lift? translated to ?stand by the rope lift back to the gondola and I?ll be waiting for you there?). I stuck mainly to blue runs because I was out to enjoy myself rather than work to hard. I ended on a nice little red run back into Kitzb?hel which I got several good pictures from, available on a website near you soon.

They next few evenings should be interesting as the town is now in full race mode (a big downhill and Supper-G slalom race). I?m off out celeb spotting ;-)