Digital Activism in action

Posted on Mon 02 February 2004 in general

I was minded to send a comment to BBC online after reading this story:

Your story about the DDoS attack on SCO has the phrase "The company - which owns the Unix operating system" referring to SCO. While SCO are indeed a Unix vendor and sell their own version of Unix the claim to own "The Unix OS" is the subject of much controversy (and a few lawsuits). The people who most correctly can be said to represent the whole Unix family are the Open Group ( who own the trademarks and certify the variety of different flavors of Unix out there.

The BBC responded by this afternoon with a nice quick reply:

In 1994 Novell transferred the rights to the Unix trademark and the
specification to The Open Group. Simultaneously, it sold the source code
and the product implementation to SCO.
To the lay reader, there may not be much in it between saying "owns the
Unix operating system" and "owns the source code of the Unix operating
system." But I appreciate there is a difference and have amended the
story accordingly.

Who says I never achieved anything :-)