So dirty you can taste it!

Posted on Mon 02 February 2004 in general

I've had yet another relaxing weekend in the countryside visiting friends. We didn't do much apart from get fed, drink wine, and generally chill. Although the benefits of Artex where missing from my friends new house they did make up for it by truly being in the middle of nowhere. I think I heard 1 car pass somewhere nearby over the entire weekend. If it wasn't for the distinct lack of any rural broadband I'd be moving to the countryside right now *sigh*.

Of course all this refined living does have its disadvantages. When I first got out of Lee's car back home I could taste the local air. It's a kind of heavy metallic taste. The taste hung around for about 2 hours before my senses where battered into their usual subdued Mancunian mode. Unfortunately I'm quite aware that whatever that taste was its still there, and probably not doing me much good either.

My KLF and Shamen CD's arrived today. I'm going all Old Skool ;-)