Dream a little dream

Posted on Tue 03 February 2004 by alex in general

When you start dreaming about widget libraries its probably a que to start examining your life priorities. For reasons that I won't go into here I have started to dream again (or probably more correctly remember my dreams). For some people their dreams give them deep insights into their lives. Others may find their mind just flashes random scenes that are vaguely associated with the previous days activities. I seem to spend a depressing amount of time dreaming about code. Back when I was young this wasn't so bad, my mind would often be subconsciously working on problems overnight and I'd wake up in the morning with new ideas to try to solve a particular problem. However back then the main differences where that a) I didn't dream of code all the time and b) it was actually quite handy. Maybe I'm not that upset I dreamt about code last night and more because what I dreamt didn't actually solve any of the problems I'm currently trying to fix.