Posted on Wed 04 February 2004 in general

Spent this morning dumping about half a gigabytes worth of pictures out of my digital camera. If I'm not at the gym too long tonight I should get most of the pictures up by the end of the day. However I did run into troubles getting stuff of my card from my visit to New Orleans. Reading the flash itself seemed to be consistent so I dumped the whole thing to a file. Unfortunately it seems the (FAT based) file system is a little fubar. Hopefully I'll be able to recover the data though but if anyone can suggest any good FAT recovery tools please drop me a line.

Oh and much as I cam be critical about some of the mistakes the BBC made in one report I'd still happily trust their word over anything to come out of here. And given that I pay 234 pounds a year to Murdoch and friends so I can watch a few US shows early I don't feel as though I can complain about the 116 pounds a year for a service I use much much more than Sky.

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