Picture perfect

Posted on Thu 05 February 2004 in general

I felt slightly guilty after avoiding the traffic jam on the M62 last night I took a slightly more scenic route home although I must point out it was dark so I probably mean more windy than scenic :-). However by the time I got to Manchester it became clear I wasn't going to get to the gym and make the allocated beta test time. A dilemma ensued because going to the gym is good for me while clocking up hours on the beta test is just a way of getting more free network games sent to me which I play occasionally. To help swing the argument I decided the twinge in my thigh from Monday probably wouldn't be aided by any running on it so I skipped the gym. Now normally I wouldn't feel too guilty about this because I aim for 2.5 trips per week (to account for the fact I often skip Fridays in lieu of going out clubbing or LARPing). However I've got people coming around early Friday evening so I had better go swimming tomorrow lunchtime or I'll of been really bad this week.

On a more positive note I did process (i.e. rotate and resize) a bunch of piccies last night. So for your enjoyment I present my holiday snaps and a bunch of piss heads ;-)