Tira Masseuse

Posted on Fri 06 February 2004 in general

We went to Matt and Phreds last night (otherwise known as the Jazz Club) in an effort to re-create a previous outing that I was also apparently at. I approached the night with a little trepidation because I always seem to end up going to the Jazz club when they have some band who's idea of good Jazz included a solo for every band member every song. Luckily
for me the band last night, Simon Mulcaster's Touch, where actually quite good. It was all instrumental stuff (Guitar, Electric Bass, Drums and Keyboard) with a hint of funk thrown in. Even the one drum solo didn't grate that badly. The evening was complimented by a selection of cocktails and a bottle of champagne. We even got given a rather strong coffee tasting cocktail that needed naming. Although it
took 4 of us to actually drink it we did succeed in coming up with the name Tira Masseuse (because href=http://www.heavenlytiramisu.com/>Tiramisu has a coffee flavour or something). The management seemed to like the name though and proclaimed thats what they would call it. I will have to check next time I go there. All in all a very agreeable night.

Of course it could of just been the company ;-)