See the size of my disk

Posted on Fri 13 February 2004 in general

I deleted 8.5 Gigabytes of build files of my work machine yesterday. Either I'm mega-productive or a produce a load of crap ;-) Hmmm. However on the plus side the last few days at work have actually gone quite well. My worst case scenario has been disproved, the only real problem is I don't know what causes the symptoms I've been seeing. Still I guess thats what I get paid for.

I've ordered the remaining Pullman books today (Amazon it really easy to spend cash) along with some more music CD's. My CD collection really has been growing over the last year (after it getting decimated by scallies some years back). However this time I take careful care to rip them ASAP so I still have the music should I get robbed again.

I've managed to get as far as page 11 of the Maelstrom rules. Hopefully I'll of finished them by the time I see Maz on Sunday to discuss some character ideas.

This apparently random collection of factoids is a direct consequence of still being happily distracted ;-)