Work is good for the Soul?

Posted on Fri 20 February 2004 in general

Left work ridiculously late last night (or more correctly this morning). I think I ceased to generate anything constructive around 10pm. Unfortunately I had to stay on as I was giving my boss a lift home and he didn't finish until much later. I filled the time by staring at my computer screen until my head hurt. Once I got home a decided to
unwind by watching next weeks episode of Angel. I think people will like it when its on. I've grown to like Wesley since his initial bumbling introduction to the BtVS, he seems to be emulating John Critchon from Farscape. There where also some hints towards long term plot. But I'll let you find out for yourself.
Picked up my latest drop from Amazon today. I brought Bomb the Basse's "Clear" purely to hear what the original "Bugpowder Dust" sounds like. Its an interesting album although I may have to listen to it a few times to form a decent opinion. I also have Norah Jones latest album.
She's a classic example of an Artist I downloaded a load of tracks of and then proceeded to buy her album. I will report back later if the second album is as good as her first.

I'm off out culture tonight, going to see The Buddha of Suburbia at the Lowry. Should be fun :-)