That was the week that was...

Posted on Sun 29 February 2004 in general

Its been a hard week this week. I've been working late most days and doing yet another weekends worth of work. The pattern of the week has generally been crap starts with things looking up by the end of the week. However I'm quite impressed with what I achieved although I was questioning my kernel hacking abilities at the beginning of the week. Solving cache coherency issues is only a step down from understanding how the kernels href=>VM system works. I'm getting better at grokking the kernel every day ;-)

The snow fall during the week gave me a good chance to try out the ABS on the car. I was impressed on how well it works on snow although I didn't try braking around any corners as there where too many things to bump into around Levenshulme. I'm still thinking of upgrading the software on the car to support EPS. I wonder if I can apply the patch by hand?

However although the week has been pretty hard going I did get a chance to relax on Saturday night watching A Life Less Ordinary at some friends whilst being plied with various spirits. We were due to do the Sunday walk today but most of the usual suspects where working or had other commitments. Instead Katy came around to mine and spent
the first part of the day watching me being domestic as I caught up the housework I've been neglecting recently. She in turn demonstrated her domestic talents by cooking a very nice meal. Now I'm either going to continue searching for my car paper work or slob in front of a DVD before tomorrow.