Something evil lurks in the fridge....

Posted on Tue 02 March 2004 in general

All things considered the day went OK. I got in and my fellow software engineer had some choice words about the IDE driver I'd written over the weekend. Luckily a bit of testing proved his hard drive was playing silly buggers which was a different model to the one I'd tested against. One thing I noticed as I was poking around Linux IDE code is that it quite often has blacklists for drives that it will refuse to run in certain modes because experimentation has proved them to not work as advertised. One of the interesting aspects of my job is I get to blame the hardware quite a lot ;-)

Went to the Gym for the first time in over 3 weeks to play Badminton. It went OK but I felt I was off my game. I need to re-plan my exercise schedule for few reasons. The first is I've managed to gain around 1.5 kg in under a month and the second is I have the Manchester Fun Run to do sometime in May. I also want to have some time to spend with Katy
:-) Now that work has got a little less silly I'm thinking of making the effort to get out of the office and going to the gym near work at lunch-times. If I can make it a regular thing I should get by with going to the Gym in the evening less, or possibly for a shorter time and fitting it in before other things.