Throw it all away and start again....

Posted on Sun 07 March 2004 in general

The week has been quite hard. I was having issues with building a preempt-able kernel that I just couldn't get to work properly. The eventual problem became apparent on Friday when I threw away everything I had done the previous 4 days and tried a href=>different
approach to the problem. I made more progress on Friday than I did the rest of the week. Enough that I felt I would be OK not working the weekend again which has been my first full weekend off in 4-5 weeks. Me and Katy had a quite night in on Friday where I tried some chocolate chicken (not as mad as it sounds) and watched the Sixth Sense. I got it from the first scene - its like obvious ;-)

The backdrop to the week has seen the href=>SCO vs the World take several twists. The waves that have been being made have even made the Bill Blog which is a nice change even if he doesn't still suggests a half way house to true FOSS philosophy. You can tell they are getting nervous when they start to href=>smear
Groklaw. Hopefully the SCO road show is drawing nears its end game.

Went to Alison's birthday on Saturday. It was good to see the usual crowd despite being admonished for leaving early to go to bed (I was very tired when I left Bolton OK!). Even saw some people I hadn't seen for a while including Rich's sister Izzy. Had an enjoyable time although didn't chat to as many people as I wanted - mainly due to being very tired. I also missed out on the TJ arrival sweepstake by 3 minutes. Damn :-P

On Sunday me and Katy had some quality time and had the appropriate amount of fun :D