Posted on Mon 15 March 2004 in general

Well the week went by, stuff happened. The main thing that sticks in my mind is going to the Gym on Thursday (after aborted attempts earlier in the week) and weighing in at 74 kg. According to the chart thats 11 st 9 lbs or to put it another way I've gained 1/2 stone in 5 weeks. Ouch. I hit the running machine hard and found I couldn't even run as far as I had 5 weeks ago before feeling short of breath. I caught up with Lee at the gym and we plotted how to get our exercise regimes back on track, especially considering as we have this fun run to complete in May - the forms are in.

When I got home I was feeling home in the evening feeling maudlin and aching all over from the first exercise in a while. I was a little confused by feeling this down as I've never been one to be self conscious about my weight. I think in the end it came down to me realising that despite my good progress over the last two years you can't afford to take your foot of the peddle for too long. I'll be re-instituting my "do something whatever" policy for my exercise days until I'm back on track.

I spent the weekend with Katy at mine where we polished off some Champagne, curry, and a fair amount of deep conversation. Most of it seemed to be centered around me describing myself as a "tory" and at the same time not being a right wing fascist. I think that I'm happy to describe myself as a "tory" again is a sign I'm slowly moving back to the centre right, hopefully without loosing my liberal tendencies ;-)

Saturday came and went quite quickly. I achieved something (putting a decent mirror up in the bathroom) before abandoning the rest of the day to hedonism. I went out to Sin City in the evening in which I met some of the Leeds lot and drank a bunch of real-ale. I was still tired from the day when I got to the club. Coupled with worrying about the state of travel due to the re-routing of half the city centre I left at midnight leaving the rest to an eventful evening. Apparently I snore really badly after I've been drinking.

Sunday involved a little more domestic work and some plumbing. I managed to locate the documents for my new car (they had hastily been tidied away the first night Katy came over and I had promptly forgotten). After dropping Katy off in the afternoon I had a half hearted attempt to finish my cleaning and toyed with the idea of going to the Gym before settling on the plan of watching a load on Angel and Enterprise episodes. Oh and I cooked food for me and Glyn.

I was going to sort out my passport so I could go to Las Vegas with work. However the trip has been cancelled. I'm not massively disappointed as I've been to the states before and I actually find urban USA rather boring. I'm sure Las Vegas would of been a spectacle but I doubt it would of been more interesting than New Orleans. Besides I think the trip would of probably pushed me over the edge after SoS, Phil's BGPC, and Maelstrom. I suppose I shouldn't complain, after all who wants a quite life :-)