Oh Danny Boy....

Posted on Thu 22 April 2004 in general

I got back from a business trip to Dublin yesterday. I was attending a conference on university security as an exhibitor. Unfortunately I was kept quite busy so didn't get a chance to explore the city. However we did have a couple a pre-arranged nights out by the conference so I got a chance to sample real Irish Guinness
in an nice smoke-less
pub. The last time I had it was when I was 16 and got a bottle for my birthday. I didn't like it then so haven't really touched stout since. However seeing I was in in Dublin (and people telling me it tastes better in Ireland) I gave it another try. I liked it :-)

After the experience of getting back from the bar and not smelling like an ash tray I'm beginning to think a ban on smoking in pubs in the UK might not be such a bad idea after all. Given that I am an ex-smoker this may be a little hypocritical but hey, I'm allowed to change my mind OK!