That SCO Irritation

Posted on Fri 23 April 2004 in general

I've not mentioned the SCO case for a while. However the last week has involved one of their financial backers asking for their money back. The particular irony is SCO's position on BayStar asking for the money back is "We're unsure what their issues are" which is pretty much how the FOSS community has felt since the whole SCO debacle kicked of last year. SCO has held (at various times) that there thousands to millions of lines of "infringing" code in the Linux kernel. Of course when challenged to demonstrate any they have failed to do so leaving the community confused as to what their actual complaint is about. More coverage as ever at Pamela Jone's excellent Groklaw site.

In other news my main machine is in the middle of a multi gigabyte download while I'm at Katy's tonight. Just in case Glyn wonders why the 'net is running a bit slow ;-)