How to get elected

Posted on Sun 25 April 2004 in general

Was late for the SoS AGM as a result of the trams being crap. I skipped 3 passing trams because I didn't feel like being a sardine in the current weather. By the time I made it into town and got to the pub the meeting had finished, most people had gone home and I'd still been elected. So NDG for Teornarach is pretty much guaranteed this year - just in time for the Sea Elf Special ;-)

I headed back home, mouched around a bit doing washing and hanging stuff outside. Jo turned up for a bit to pick up some bits and pieces and we nattered for a bit including a disturbing amount of DIY! I ended the evening with Sam and Sheila visiting and us ostensibly playing some PS2 games although the heat sapped us enough to just sit there and watch some DVD's. I then attempted to get enough sleep for my mum's visit today. I like the hot weather, but it does seem to sap my strength......