Net Junkie?

Posted on Tue 27 April 2004 by alex in general

This evening was brought to me thanks to the power of the 'net. We arranged to see Kill Bill Vol 2 via email, as well as ordering pizza and tickets online. I've also used it today to check the opening times of the local DIY
store and Halfords as well as checked the price of some scratch repairing solutions. I'm not sure what I would do without the 'net access I'm so used to - would I be more or less productive I wonder?
I'm only being this contemplative on account of a "discussion" I had yesterday about the value of Blogs with some friends yesterday who think they are a form of arrogance. According to to them people assume that they are writing something worthwhile enough to share with the
world and do it from a position of perceived anonymity.

I don't buy it. I certainly assume that everything I write it attributable to me and whether or not it gets read by other people is a side effect. Of course I enjoy comments and entering into a debate with people. However for the most part the Blog world seems like a convenient short-cut of catching up with the trivia of peoples lives so when you do meet your not endlessly repeating the potted summary of your last week/month/year and can discuss something else. Of course people write blogs for many and varied reasons so what do I know?

Or maybe I'm just a 'net junkie ;-)