Gardens and Wireless Networks...

Posted on Mon 31 May 2004 in general

Are great ;-) I can enjoy the greenery and sunshine at the same time being connected to the world and enjoying a beer. There is a lot to be said for technology.

I went to see Ozriac Tentacles last night with Lee, Jen and Chris and Jo. Fez woosed out on account of being "too far" from Manchester. I enjoyed the gig although it did go on for some time. My foot was still giving me grief so I sat down at the back for the last bit. I think I also found a Linux acolyte in the audience and did a bit of open source preaching. Weird sort of gig all in all ;-)

I got dragged out to Lime bar on Sunday and Marcus and Sue's today to eat more food. Of course this has proved to be necessary because my previous plan of getting to the shops on time (forgetting that they close early on a Sunday) had failed due to sleeping in late and generally being lazy. Oh and Far Cry was intervening in places as well.

Far Cry is still by far the prettiest FPS I've played for a long while. I'm way behind Lee but if I put in some serious play time I should be able to catch up. Although Lee reckons I'm too stealthy in the game I think he's just envious of my being a good shot.